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Of course, this site wouldn't be possible without the generosity of several people. Without them, this site would not exist. Nor would this site be here if not for these people. Dig?

Andy Falconetti

Andy Falconetti donated many of the flyers and fanzines from 1983 through 1986, including copies of his own fanzines from 1983-4, Last Resort and Hell Toupee. Check out his recently defunct band, Breezy Porticos.

This photo was taken by Duane Davis, co-owner of Wax Trax Records here in Denver, and is from the April, 1984 Black Flag, Meat Puppets, Nig Heist show at the Rainbow. Check out more olde tyme punk rock photos at the Wax Trax site.

Joe Pope

Joseph Pope who played in the '78-'79 Boulder punk band The Instants provided many of the early fliers (1977-1979) on this site. He has also scanned dozens of flyers that he's borrowed from old acquaintances.

He and his brother Jon were also two-thirds of the SST band ANGST.


Along with Ultra-Vulture and Connie Clit, David Berkowitz formed the Dancing Assholes in late 1977 and was the only original when they broke up in 1981. Many of the DAs flyers came from him.

Mike Serviolo

Mike Serviolo gave me access to all of his flyers from 1980 to 1986. He's played in a number of Denver bands over the years including Local Threat, Peace Core, The Core, Acid Ranch, Jux County, Elan, IZ, and Perry Weissman 3.

This photo is courtesy of Eric Oberhausen, bass player for Bum Kon, and was snapped outside the June 1982 Black Flag & Saccharine Trust show at the Mercury Cafe.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore loaned a stack of flyers from 1980 and 1981 -- all of which were scanned by Joseph Pope. He played in the Soul Merchants from 1985-1987.

Bob Ferbrache

Bob Ferbrache gave me a stack of flyers a while back which included some for many of the bands he played in over the years including the Disasters, Healers and Soul Merchants.

This photo is from the first issue of Local Anesthetic fanzine and shows Bob (front) playing for the Disasters on February 2, 1980.

Elaine Henrichs

Elaine Henrichs put on shows in the early 1980s, both as Rude Times and Music For Action. She saved literally hundreds of flyers from the period.

Matt Bischoff

Matt Bischoff provided me with a stack of Frantix and Fluid flyers to scan. He has played in several bands over the years including Annex Red, White Trash, The Frantix, The Fluid, '57 Lesbian, Boss 302, and the Dumbass Bros.

This photo was taken at a 1987 Fluid show in Chicago, and is courtesy of Nadablog. From left to right are Matt, Ricky Kulwicki, Garrett Shavlik, John Robinson, and James Clower (sorry James!).

John Haley

John Haley no longer has any of the flyers and fanzines he kept from the period, but he managed to hold onto this ticket stub. John spends much of his time these days sculpting.

Davey Stewart

Davey Stewart scanned numerous flyers for me, many of them from bands that he's drummed for over the years including The Frantix, Trontils and '57 Lesbian.

Although a little tough to see, the following link has Davey drumming for the Frantix circa 1983 - filmed by Duane Davis at the Packinghouse.

Chris Murdock

Chris Murdock loaned me many flyers for his old Boulder punk band, The DefeX.

This photo is copyright James Zingleman and was borrowed from Steve Kulpa's Defex page. Left to right are Chris, Ricky Sonkin, Steve Kulpa, and Scott Bracken circa 1979.

Jack Kauffman

Jack Kauffman managed Lilly Rose in the late 1970s when she sang for the Jupiter Rey Band and Lilly Rose & The Thorns. He allowed me to scan much of the memorabelia he kept from that period.

Jack (left) pictured circa late 1977 with Sex Pistols tour manager Rory Johnston.

Jill Razer

Jill Razer put on numerous hardcore shows in Ft. Collins and Denver from the early to late 1980s. Her flyers are long gone, but she has facilitated many contacts and scanned literally dozens of flyers and photographs from Elaine Henrichs, Nate Butler and Arnie Beckman.

Jill also runs a Facebook page devoted to the Denver punk scene of yore.

Nate Butler

Nate Butler kindly allowed me to not only scan his flyers from the period, but also display the detailed notes that he kept for every show he played. Nate played in Unnatural Sex Acts, Happy World, Sisters of Sodom, The Guild and X.E.Q.

Arnie Beckman

Arnie Beckman provided many of the Shamed Hatred and Trontils flyers -- two bands that he played for in the early to mid-80s.

Photo by Joel Dallenbach. From left to right are Garrett Shavlik, Arnie Beckman and Ricky Kulwicki.

Alex Echevarria

Alex Echevarria played in several Ft. Collins bands in the early 1980s including Blacklist, Poetic License, Endgame and Pounding Limbo, and kindly scanned some flyers and fanzines.

Felipe Echevarria

Felipe Echevarria played with his brother Alex in Endgame and Pounding Limbo, and contributed to a couple of punk-oriented skate zines Edge Out and Rip, Shred Tear. Felipe scanned a number of flyers he kept from the period.

Felipe is an artist and teacher currently living in Loveland, Colorado. You can visit him HERE and HERE.

Have some flyers that you think should be on this site? Drop me an email. I'm more than happy to give credit to those who help out.